20 December 2008

pony up!

So back in March, we surprised Emily for her 24th birthday and took her horseback riding in the Hollywood Hills.  The views of the city are phenomenal from up there, and we had an amazing time.  But the fun did not end there.  The ride is a 2 hour trek from Hollywood, over the mountain to Burbank.  Once we got to Burbank (on the Valley side of the Hills), we stopped at a Mexican Cantina restaurant for a delish dinner and some huge margaritas.  Don't believe me?  See the picture below!  (I am the one with the large trough of margarita.)  After all of that, we then rode back another 2 hours to the ranch in Hollywood (tipsy).  

Tonight, in honor of my friend Maureen's 26th birthday, we are doing a replay of the above day...  Only this time in late December!  It's going to be coooold.  Which is why I will need a fun, heartwarming trough of margaritas mid-ride :)

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twentysomething2008 said...

ahhhh...i would love love love to be there!

p.s. make sure you don't forget your rainstick...rainsticks and horses..the definition of tranquility.