21 August 2010

Saturday afternoon Mom chat.

Me:  So what did you do yesterday?
Mom:  I went out with your sister LR, and she bought me some really pretty bracelets from White Castle.
Me:  Huh?
Mom:  Yah, and she got this really pretty long creme colored sweater for herself from there too.  Gosh that place has great stuff.
Me:  Which place?  I'm confused.
Mom:  You know, that store Black Market White Castle.
Me:  Mom.  You mean White House Black Market?
Mom:  Oh yah.  I like that store.
Me:  Yah, they have cute stuff.
Mom:  Do you have any White Castles near you?
Me:  MOM.  White Castle is a burger joint.  You went to White House Black Market.
Mom:  Oh, right.  So what are you doing tonight?
Me:  I think I'm going to this place called the Frying Pan with some friends.
Mom:  Oh that boat place?
Me:  Wow, how'd you know that?
Mom:  Because you've talked about it before.
Me:  I'm just surprised you remembered.
Mom:  Of course I remembered!  I always remember what you tell me, I'm your mother.  So what are you doing tonight?
Me:  I can't deal with you.


Rachel said...

Haha, that is too cute!

Mary Nevin said...

i love these little mom chats you post. so adorable!!

L A C E Y said...

your mother is so cute! :)))

L A C E Y said...

oh, and thanks for the los gatos recs! i can't wait to try everything out!!!!

Fourth Daughter said...

agggh I can sympathise...
But this is MODERATE when compared to the conversations I have with my mum when trying to get her to understand how to use a mobile phone.... blood pressure rising just thinking about it!!

Dree said...

Haha I love it! Your mom sounds so sweet!

nyc lu said...

hahaha. that is amazing! reminds me of my convos wth my mother. she CANNOT pronounce chipotle for the life of her, and it drives me crazy. its always "have you been to sh-ch-shipote-y? shipoti?" WHAT??


Al said...

Lacey - your comment warmed my heart - thank you, truly for your support. It meant the world to read that, so again - my heartfelt thanks...

Alice X said...

hahaha this made me laugh. God bless mum's and their ability to be annoyingly lovable.


Ashley said...

That's a hilarious interaction! Gotta love moms and their ignorance sometimes!

Tamara Nicole said...

She sounds cute!!! Ha ha bracelets from White Castle huh?!

Laura said...

This conversation made me laugh out! I have had so many conversations like this with her. I can totally hear this in my head.