14 October 2011

Keep Calm + Call Mom.

Ohh how I love my mother...my crazy, never normal, always loving, eternally beautiful mother.  She really does prove to be my rock still, at 24 years old, and I don't really ever expect it to change.

I am so excited because my Momma is heading East in a week to visit with me, MPD + Bailey for a whole week!!  We will do some exploring in NYC and bask in some Autumn-y activities here in New England, as well as enjoying the exciting part of the week where my mom will accompany me on a mini-road trip for work that I had planned to Upstate New York.  I haven't seen my Momma since New Years - the longest we have ever gone apart - so I am super giddy to finally show her the home I've made for myself here on the East Coast over the past three years!!!

What is the longest that you have ever been apart from your mother/father/closest family member?  Do you live far from your family too?

Happy Friday to you all...so happy to have a relaxing at-home weekend ahead of me :)  Do you have any exciting plans?  xo


Sarah Kate said...

If I'm not out running to try to sort out my problems, then I'm calling my mom! I love this post!!! Have fun showing her around your city!

Nicole said...

Um, how is it that I've seen your mom since New Year's and you haven't?!?!?! You guys will have THE best time! Can't wait to see pictures!