28 March 2011

Isn't March meant to be a bit warmer than this?

Yoohoo, Spring!  I know you're out there...somewhere.  Rumor has it that you are bestowing a sunny 90 degree day on my hometown of Los Angeles today, meanwhile my City That Never Sleeps feels like a blustery 25 degrees - brrr.  I have to keep staring at photos like the one above to keep my eye on the prize (there is warmer weather coming eventually!).

(Photo source:  browneyedbellejulie)

Rule of a Gentleman. (Applies to Ladies as well.)

I need to remember this.  I need to remember this.  I need to remember this.

I don't say what I think often enough, and I do wind up wishing later that I'd given a voice to my thoughts or had the confidence in my point-of-view to be able to reveal it to others.  This is something that I will continue to strive for.

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24 March 2011

Trail Mix Bar.

I've mentioned before that you really can't read my cousin's blog, Lewis, Clark, + Cosette, when you're hungry, and the above picture that I found on LCC just further proves my point!  How yummy does a Trail Mix Bar sound though??  Such a fun idea for a party and lots healthier than, say, a Candy Bar.  I think I need to find a Trader Joe's now and pick up some trail mix for my road trip!

(Photo source: lewisclarkandcosette)

“To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life.” Pablo Neruda

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23 March 2011

Queens, New York City, 1897

This was what hitting the beach back in the day looked like, New York City style.  This photo was taken in the New York City borough of Queens in 1897.  Pretty cool.

(Photo source: thatkindofwoman)

We always look forward to the next great thing, so now that Spring has officially arrived (sort of...it's forecasted to snow - ugh - in New England today, where I am currently traveling for work), all I can think about is summer!  I have lots of big plans for this summer, including a huge personal change that I've decided to make, which I have yet to share here.  It's a matter of really telling all of my friends + family in real life before I splash it here on LITC, but I will be divulging it soon enough...

In the meantime, I love this image...such a great dress for the beach, and I love whatever it is she did to pull her hair up like that!  What are you looking forward to most this summer?


(Photo source: pattersonmaker)

21 March 2011

Our mistakes don’t make or break us. If we are lucky, they simply reveal who we really are, what we’re made of. Challenges will come, but if you treat them simply as tests of who you are, you’ll come out of it not bitter and victimized, but smarter and stronger. Donn Moomaw

(Source: thatkindofwoman)

17 March 2011

Expletives in the City.

You know you're in New York when: you are walking down East 77th Street, seriously minding your own business, and a man walking the opposite direction stops in front of you, looks at you, and yells while pointing his finger at you:  "You f*%&ing bitch!"  

When this happened to me last Friday afternoon on my way home from the office, I froze, looked behind me for who he must be talking to and then back at this stranger I'd never seen before, which prompted him only to repeat his expletives even louder (causing passersby to turn and look at me?!) yelling, "Yes you!  You f*%&ing bitch!"   

And then he went along his merry way.

Only in New York.

11 March 2011

Rule #542.

Rule #542.  Do not read my cousin's blog, Lewis, Clark, and Cosette on an empty stomach.  I have made this mistake multiple times this week, and when I came across this bad boy (milk martini with chocolate chip cookie garnish...seriously, who the heck comes up with this stuff?!), I seriously had to kick myself because I knew better than to click on over to LCC right before dinnertime! 

10 March 2011

Feeling the distance.

(Source: browneyedbelle)

It's been a year and a half since there's been a time where I didn't have my next LA Rendezvous on the calendar.  I rounded out 2010 with about nine roundtrips from Los Angeles to New York, and when I returned home from our Christmas 2010/New Year's 2011 trip, I was glad to not be making the 3,000 mile journey anytime soon.  Two months later though, and I find myself missing my sweet Griffmore Girls.  

09 March 2011

Looking to tomorrow.

Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.  Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Source: thatkindofwoman)

Reading this came at a good time for me tonight.  It's been a rough few days - something that I will rarely admit out loud, much less share on here, when I have them.  But I took B$ for a great long walk tonight to the river, made sure to breathe in the fresh (as fresh as it could be in Manhattan) air tonight and am snuggled in with my favorite dvd series (MI:5 - anyone know it?) with my favorite snugglebunny (B$ herself - who is fighting me for my attention as I type).

Off I go to continue to unwind...  Tomorrow's a brand new Thursday, which means we are in the home stretch to Friday + a beautiful weekend ahead.  Cheers to that.  :)

Take me there.

(Source: prettystuff)

Oh my lanta.  Take me here!  Such a place to day dream of escaping to, right?  It sure beats the gray that has loomed over New York for months now.

07 March 2011


(Source: sleepyhead)

I love being given a new way to look at such a basic thing.  How lovely is this perspective?

04 March 2011

Talk about a cool neighbor.

(Source: soitgoes)

My next door neighbor?  Oh, you mean Le Tour Eiffel?  Oh yes, he's just delightful to walk past each morning, coffee in hand, and to wave bonjour to... 

(This is the imaginary conversation I made up for the lucky ones who reside in the buildings pictured.)

And I thought that having the Empire State Building as my next door office neighbor was cool.

03 March 2011

Things I learned last night while doing my taxes:
  • It's really a lot easier than I ever had made it in my head.  This was the first year that I have ever done my own taxes, as opposed to the many years I have spent handing them over to my mom or rushing to H+R Block on April 14th.
  • When you live in this great metropolitan of New York City, you not only get taxed by the federal government and New York State, but you are also charged an additional 4% by the fine city of New York.  That brings your state/city taxes to a whopping 11% total - the highest rate in the United States.  Oh, the costs to live here just keep on comin'.
  • Thank goodness for my fantastic blog record keeping, because when I was asked how many days I physically spent in New York City in 2010, I was able to look through my blog posts to count that I spent an entire 87 days not at home last year, which meant that I didn't get taxed by the city for those days.
  • Wine is necessary for tax preparation.


Sage advice for the frequent flier.

One must always wear cute socks when flying lest TSA judge you. It’s just as important as underwear on the third date. Neither should ever have any holes and black suits most people well. Never ever white; nobody wants to see that.

[My cousin,  CW, who wittily writes the blog Lewis, Clark, + Cosette]

02 March 2011

Lands far away.

(Source: soitgoes)

Dreaming of far off places is one of my favorite pasttimes, even if I am completely in love with the life I have right in front of me.

When you daydream, where do you find yourself?

This looks delish.

(Source: whatkatieate)

Food, sometimes, can be such a work of art.  I can't wait til berry season.  I will be the queen of cobblers and pies once we are able to get out there to start picking.  And I do intend to make something that resembles the above.  Mmmm. 

Even though I live in the middle of the biggest concrete jungle in the country, I am fortunate to have the farmlands of Connecticut just a stone's throw (translation: 40 minutes or so) from home.  
Oh, and did I mention that Spring is now a mere 20 days away?  Not that I'm counting.

01 March 2011

Love this.

(Source: anthropologie)

I would love to have this adorning my coffee table in my living room.  Picture being curled up with a glass of vino, snuggled under a blanket with a good book, and this candelabra boasting lit candlesticks...  It sounds so cozy!