26 April 2011

Dining in the great outdoors.

Apparently, I am completely jonesing for an outdoor dinner party. 

My nearest and dearest, some vino, some bubbly, candlelight, flowers, and a mouthwatering meal beneath the stars and in the middle of the great outdoors.  All of my favorite things rolled into one great time.  (And check out those goblets in the image above.  It looks like these folks sure meant business with their beverage.)

(Photo source:  thesetingstaketime)

Introducing: the bodega.

I had no idea when I first moved to New York City what a bodega was.  When my friend asked me to meet her in front of The Bodega on Such-and-Such Street, I was looking for a bar, restaurant, anything called "The Bodega".  I quickly learned that bodegas are uber convenient, privately owned little shops - sometimes dingy, sometimes not - that you can run into at any time of the day or night to buy anything from toothpase to homemade egg sandwiches (this comes in very handy on that late night jaunt home when all other quick and easy food places are closed).  When I came across this picture, I realized it was something truly urban to know + love the idea of a bodega!

(Photo source: thesetingstaketime)

25 April 2011

The fact was, however, that she was always dreaming and thinking odd things, and could not herself remember any time when she had not been thinking things about grown-up people and the world they belonged to. She felt as if she had lived a long, long time.
A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett

(Source:  thatkindofwoman)

22 April 2011

Sad news.

For all of you puppy owners out there, make sure to go home today and squeeze yours just a little tighter.

For all of you with an extra few minutes, click on over to my dear cousin, NH's blog, and offer her a hug if you can.  Her sweet dog, Jake (pictured above), got hit by their UPS man's truck this week (they live on a huge farm in Montana), and en route to the vet hospital, Jake passed away.  Her heart is hurting a lot right now, as any pet owner would understand, and I'm sure she'd appreciate any extra smiles you can send her way.

(Photo source:  PrairiePrincess)

20 April 2011

50 ways to stay fancy free.

I found this on a blog called "stay fancy free".  How fitting?  I especially appreciate the "Make duplicate keys," and the "Say no more often".  Which of these tidbits do you want to strive to achieve more successfully?

(via acupofjo)

18 April 2011

Put your high heels on.

One of my new goals for this year is to break the heels out more often.  Living in the city, and consequently having to schlep (translation for you non-New York/LA'ers:  schlep is to haul or carry) all over town, all day, every day, I have stuck so strictly to wearing flats that you'd think I don't own a single pair of heels.  It doesn't hurt that I'm five-foot-nine, and bare-footed I still stand taller than a handful of my high-heeled friends.

I've made a conscious decision though to get my feet reacquainted with heels, because I will be soon moving to the cityish-suburbs of Stamford, Connecticut, where I will not be required to walk everywhere.  (Instead I will have the option of driving again - eeek.)  So while in Chicago a few weeks ago with Mrs. KD, I picked up a pair of espadrille-heeled wedges (have you guys seen the new Dolce Vita for Target line?  Some of the pieces are pretty cute, and for $30 geez).

Upon my return to New York last week, MPD + I spent an evening at Radio City Music Hall (I cannot believe I haven't shared what a wonderful time that was yet!  Ah I'm so behind...), and seeing as it was going to be a fun and special evening, I pulled out one of my favorite dresses, and paired it with my favorite pair of Farylrobin heels.  If you've never tried on a pair of these guys, you are sincerely missing out.  Four inch heels, and I didn't feel a pinch at all for over four hours.  That's success in my book. 

Anyway, my mission continues to become a veteran'ed heel wearer by the end of the Summer.  Have any of you ever struggled with making yourself don heels when you'd prefer to wear a cute pair of flats instead?  Tell me I'm not alone in this one...


(Photo source:  etiquetteforalady)

15 April 2011

My idea of a party.

This is my ideal party.  A little bit country, lots of white lights strung throughout, casual but oh-so-fun.  Friends, family, dancing, + raising our glasses and cheersing to life.  It's an open invitation...who wants in on this?

(Photo source: thatkindofwoman)

04 April 2011

30 years ago.

Love this photo.  This woman is the 1981 version of the current-day New York Fashionista.  It's kind of funny that this look is still completely "in", and that Park Avenue looks exactly the same.  It seems that only the cars give away the time frame of the shot.

Park Avenue, 1981

(Photo source:  pattersonmaker)

02 April 2011


It snowed here in New York yesterday.  In April.  And my friends and family in LA are reporting a 90 degree heatwave.  Sooo rude of you, Mother Nature.