04 April 2012

Today's location: Tulsa, OK.

I made it out of Dallas just in time this week, apparently!  If you didn't catch the news, a couple of gnarly twisters touched down in the Big D yesterday - just one day after my departure!

I'm spending my Wednesday in good ole Tulsa, Oklahoma today!  This is the second time I've ever been to Tulsa - the last time being that same trip when I was last in Oklahoma City back in 2008.  I drove the two hours last night from OKC through the terrible storms that hit the Central States yesterday to sleep here, I have appontments in Tulsa all day today, and then I'll set off on the two hour drive to Fayetteville, Arkansas tonight.  Only two more nights' sleep until I jump on a plane + get back to life in California for a few days!! 


Al said...

with all of the twister talk, I have been thinking of you NON STOP! Glad you are safe.

What would I do without my Lace???


Sara Louise said...

Those twisters even made the news here in France! So happy you got out before :)