20 December 2013

Fa la la!

Refinery 29 had an article today about being single during the holidays, and how you have to make your own sort of holiday. As I was reading, I patted myself on the back for doing a pretty darn good job of feeling the Christmas Cheer around my place.

Last year, I bought an adorable 4' fake Christmas tree, white lights galore, a few choice ornaments, a little tinsel, and a stocking for the fireplace. Before Thanksgiving even hit this year, I had the whole spread out of the hall closet and set up in the living room. Right after I got back from my Mexican Thanksgivingpalooza, I broke out the serious secret weapon...the Christmas DVDs.

I made the rounds last Christmas, hopping from one Target to another in search of a single copy left on the shelves of "Love Actually", "The Holiday", and "Home Alone". After about three Target stops, I finally managed to wrangle all three, and I gluttonously have them on rotation nonstop in the month of December.

As I lay in bed right now typing, I'm bobbing my head to the scene of Cameron Diaz, all wined up and screaming at the top of her lungs the lyrics to a The Killers song. I can't think of a single part of "The Holiday" that I don't totally love. Kate Winslet's reaction to arriving at the LA Mansion she'd call home for the holidays; Jude Law spotting Cameron Diaz across the bar after he thought she'd returned home to the US; all of the scenes with Arthur Abbott; the Hannukah dinner party with Kate and Jack Black; Cameron grocery shopping in town and chugging straight from the wine bottle.

What is your favorite Christmas movie, and why?

Only five days left til Christmas Eve festivities begin...so happy to be relishing in this time of year!!



Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Funny, it's The Holiday and The Family Stone. :)
I do watch some cheesy Hallmark and Lifetime movies as well, and a few oldies...it's all about getting into the spirit - single or not. ;)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I LOVE the Holiday and Home Alone and Love Actually - ok yes that was all of the movies you mentioned...they are all soo great!!! Great choices!! My favorite holiday movie and story is the Grinch!! Happy holidays, beautiful!

Sara Louise said...

That's a tough one... I LOVE The Holiday but I also love Love Actually, Elf and A Christmas Story :)

Julie said...

i truly loooove this movie! could watch it over and over again throughout the whole year! xo j. von Stereo|typically Me